Grid View

Your bookings come from a variety of places – with LMPM’s grid view you can see all of your current and upcoming bookings in one place.

screenshot of LMPM's calendar view

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All of your bookings in one place.

LMPM’s grid shows all of your properties and bookings in one view. This includes bookings made from connected channels like Vrbo and Airbnb, direct bookings from your LMPM website, and trips created by your team inside LMPM. You’ll see guest reservations, owner reservations, and holds at a glance.

LMPM's grid view showing bookings
LMPM updating rates

Rapidly make updates and see available properties.

You can quickly check availability in the grid view by narrowing down your list of properties with a variety of filters, and then start a new booking once you’ve found the perfect place for a guest to stay. The grid also makes it easy to see and change rates and minimum length of stay in no time.

Have multi-unit “hotel-style” properties?

LMPM is very flexible and can handle short-term, medium-term, long-term, and hotel-type inventory.

At the click of a button you can change the grid to display multi-unit inventory of a specific type (such as “1 Bedroom City View” or “3 Bed Deluxe Ocean View”).

This flexibility allows you to mix and match different property types in one system, making it easy to manage both vacation rentals and the more traditional “hotel-style” lodging.

screenshot of multi-units in LMPM's grid view

LMPM is packed with features to help busy property management companies run smoothly.

Trust Accounting

Track revenue and outgoing costs associated with your bookings. See overdue payments, perform month-end processing and bank reconciliation, and generate monthly statements for owners and tax purposes.

Booking Website

Take bookings directly from your LMPM website, powered by WordPress. Booking data seamlessly flows into LMPM.

Channel Distribution

List your properties on online travel agencies (OTAs) like Vrbo and Airbnb, and manage your listings from within LMPM.

Owner Management

Split revenue between owners and your company, and store legal documents so they never get lost. Owners can view property performance, make bookings, and download monthly statements from LMPM’s online Owner Portal.

Work Order Automation

Automate work orders to increase efficiency and ensure things happen exactly as they should.

Unified Inbox

Send emails to guests from inside LMPM and view their replies in a unified inbox that aggregates emails and inquiries from all channels as well as your LMPM website.


Use LMPM’s built-in customer relationship management (CRM) functionality to track guest preferences and customize their stay. Using our CRM is easy – it’s part of the flow of our software.

Trip Manager

Quickly put together trips that involve multiple properties, add-ons, fees, and/or experiences.

Rental Agreements

LMPM comes with eSign rental agreements for you to manage, track, and centralize your legal needs.


A built-in dashboard shows real-time occupancy and sales performance data at a glance, as well as an activity feed with arrivals and departures.

Payment Processing

Process credit cards, perform pre-authorizations, and take security deposits. Optionally set-up multiple payment accounts at the property level.


Optionally integrate LMPM with a variety of 3rd parties to access powerful features such as dynamic pricing, smart home keyless entry, and more.

Powerful software that makes it easier to run your business.

See how you can use LMPM to take bookings, efficiently manage your properties, and ensure your guests can have an amazing stay.

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