LMPM Conversations: Exclusive Escapes’ Experience with LMPM

This is a completely unscripted one-take conversation with John Ryall from Exclusive Escapes in SW Australia.

John and his team manage around 130 properties and took a very strategic approach to choosing a replacement PMS for YesBookIt (YBI).

John was also instrumental in helping LMPM make the amends necessary for the Australian market.

Please take 5 minutes and 33 seconds and have a watch…it’s even better because we didn’t even practice the call beforehand!

One of the best lines from John Ryall, “We took a leap of faith with LMPM… and we’re very pleased we did.”  Thanks John!

Site: https://exclusiveescapes.com.au/

All the best,

Adrian Barrett
Founder and CEO | adrian@lmpm.com
Cell +1-407-232-3577

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