Whistler Breaks

Site: https://whistlerbreaks.com/

Debbie Hampton, Owner, Whistler Breaks is a wonderful addition to our client base.  Just after the COVID-19 pandemic started Debbie realized that the best use of her time was to make a strategic change to her business and move technology partners to LMPM.

Debbie has also been a beta tester for our original implementation of BeHome247 and we thank her for that!

“Debbie is a super positive person and a joy to work with.  We cannot state enough how much we love working with her.  Debbie is now using what we call The Holy Grail of PMS implementations with LMPM at the core of her business and BeHome247 as her digital lock and Guest Connect provider.  Debbie is a very experienced property manager and we are extremely fortunate to be working with her and her team” said Adrian Barrett, Founder and CEO, LMPM Inc.

Debbie Hampton, Owner, Whistler Breaks said: “I can honestly say this is one of the best groups of people I have worked with! They are super responsive and I’m not just a number to them, I feel they actually care and want to make things more efficient for my business.”

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