Sea Mountain Vacations – Customer Testimonial

“This year, Sea Mountain Vacations has made extraordinary strides, growing from a modest 3 properties to a staggering 34, and we’re now gearing up to acquire management on a 50-unit oceanfront hotel. At the heart of this success is our partnership with LMPM.”

Sea Mountain Vacations, one of the industry’s rapidly scaling brands has successfully launched on LMPM. Running a high-end business with a strong focus on guest experience and owner satisfaction, Buck Combo knew that a modern, enterprise grade solution would help him stand out in a crowded market.

A significant part of our growth strategy has been our commitment to experiential stays and elevating the guest experience. LMPM’s innovative features and steadfast support have been instrumental in helping us realize this vision and scale efficiently. As we continue our journey, we’re grateful to LMPM for being the backbone of our operations and empowering us to offer unparalleled experiences to our guests.

Buck Cumbo, Sea Mountain Vacations
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