LMPM and BeHome247 Announce Enhanced Integration with Real-Time Accounting Automation

Automated real-time data flow between the systems is highly beneficial to property managers.

Vancouver, Canada: Lightmaker Property Manager (LMPM) and BeHome247 announce an enhanced integration, allowing property managers to save time by automating even more functionality between the two systems.

The enhanced integration automates real-time accounting workflows, task assignment, access control, housekeeping, and maintenance work orders between LMPM and BeHome247. Accounting data flowing between the two systems in real-time makes invoice management and Trust Accounting seamless.

“Many people talk about integrations like they are all the same. They are not. LMPM and BeHome247 have the deepest integration in the industry and this is a key point for property managers, especially those that want to grow,” said Adrian Barrett, Founder and CEO, LMPM Inc. 

“We’ve written a series of new end-points on both sides of our businesses to enhance and deepen our integration and partnership. All integrations are not the same. LMPM has gone above and beyond in terms of having real-time Trust Accounting and now that system works in real-time with BeHome247. This is a major win for our joint customers” said Joseph Morris, Founder and Chief Product Officer, BeHome247 Inc.

About Lightmaker Property Manager (LMPM) Inc: LMPM has built the next generation of property management software. If you were building a new car company today – you would build Tesla. If you were building a new property management application suite – you would build LMPM. Come chat to us about future-proofing your technology.

About BeHome247: Founded in 2008, BeHome247 is the leading end-to-end property care solution, no matter the home. From short term to long term rental management, real estate asset management, and everything in between, BeHome247 brings smart home technology, workflow automations, and vendor management to one platform.

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