Bunch of geeks

What in the world is a bunch of geeks doing getting into the dirty business of property management?

What do they know about cleaning?  About guest arrivals?

What do they know about how to fix a broken toilet at 3am in the morning?


Serendipity played a huge part in why we are in this space.

We were actually developing a Cloud based application system for all kinds of vertical markets – and we had to choose one vertical to prove the software.  And… well… Adrian knew Damian… and he was running four systems to run his property management company… and 4.5 years later we have LMPM ready to launch!!

A few of the screens



Initially, we developed our application as a SAAS (Software As A Service) system, but in April 2016 we totally pivoted the business to become a property management company in our own right.


Well… we found that the market was generally not ready for what we had developed, so we decided to start buying property management companies and rolling them INTO the software.

So, we became Lightmaker Property Management, or LMPM for short :o)


What’s the future for LMPM?

Well… just like Uber, we are going to continuously develop our application system. We want to make it a perfect fit for how we run the company… we will become the best, most technically advanced property manager in the vacation rental space!!