The 23 year journey to the LMPM platform that will change the vacation property management space forever...

1997 to 2018 - Lightmaker Agency

Lightmaker was an award winning digital agency from 1997 to 2018 i.e. 21 years.

We had over 150 people and 8 divisions all around the world at one point.

It was a wonderful journey but ultimately SAAS and PAAS companies we going to take the place of Agencies - so we built both!

2007 to today - RESAAS

In 2007 Lightmaker Vancouver started the development of Real Estate Software As A Service (RESAAS).

In 2011 RESAAS Services Inc completed its IPO see

RESAAS now has over 460,000 real estate agents on its platform see

2011 to today - LMPM

After the RESAAS IPO in 2011 Adrian Barrett, Adam Biggs, Greg Holland and Damian Saw of Whistler Platinum decided they would have one last go at developing a "moonshot" idea and the concept of Lightmaker Property Manager was born.

2016 - LMPM v1.0 was released.  We took on 5 clients, then stopped selling to develop LMPM Trust Accounting, because there was a massive gap in the competitors' applications with regard to this critical feature.

2019 - LMPM v2.0 was launched at Vrbo/HomeAway's Rezfest in Las Vegas and again at VRMA International in New Orleans.

The key addition here was LMPM Trust Accounting v2.3.

2020 - LMPM v3.0 will be released at the end of Quarter 2 2020 with LMPM Trust Accounting v3.0 and all the integrations to third parties.  More details to follow.

So we are not your average "newbie" to the property management space as we come from 23+ years running and building digital destinations and applications in the banking, healthcare, entertainment and real estate verticals.


LMPM was built as a platform so if you're a Digital Agency or need a platform for your unique services - please come and talk with Adrian about a joint venture or white label opportunity.

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