1. Log in to your instance

2. Click on the three lines > Settings > Properties > Custom Fields

3. Press New and add in as many custom fields as you would like > save

4. Click on the House Icon > New

5. Fill in the property name, property code (optional), short descriptions, and long descriptions

6. Add location, images and other media files, property info, bedrooms, bed configuration, amenities, pet policy, and area groups > save

7. Now press edit > go to the Vacation Rental tab > activate the vacation rental

8. Select the Rates option in the box under the words ‘Update…’

9. Enter in start and end dates > enter rate > enter minimum stay > press ‘Update Rates’

10. Repeat step 8 until all desired rates are entered for that property

11. Enter correct minimum age and check in/out times if the defaults are not correct for this property

12. Leave the accounting section for now. We will come back to this later in the onboarding process

13. Select a booking policy. This is required so no issues occur later on down the road > save

14. Press edit again > go to the Operations tab > add in the property specific details for the custom fields that you created before in step 3 > save

NOTES: The custom fields information will not be displayed on the website and will only be sent to a customer when specifically specified to

15. Press edit again > go to the Distribution tab > turn on publish to website and feature > save

16. Duplicate property by pressing downward facing arrow to the right of the edit button

17. Repeat steps 5 to 16 until all of your properties have been added