1. Log in to your instance

2. Click on the three lines > Settings > Reservations > Fees > New

3. Fill in fee name, type (automatic or manual), category, and description

4. Choose when to set the value, input the value or percentage, select how this fee can be applied, and fill in property specific values in needed

5. Choose your publishing options

6. Do not worry about setting the accounting section at this time

7. Select a booking policy

8. Select if the fees apply to all properties or only some properties

9. Repeat steps 2 to 8 until all of your fees have been added

NOTES: Fees include cleaning fee, extra cleaning fee, management fee, pool heat fee, pet fee, high occupancy fee, etc. You can save a fee without selecting a booking policy, however this will prompt a warning message and can cause errors down the road. It is best to select the booking policy now.