Deals and Promo Codes

1. Log in to your instance

2. Click on the three lines > Deals > New Deal

3. Enter a name and description. The name is what will appear to the customers

4. Select the discount and validity of the deal

5. Publish the deal so it is active and can be used by your customers

6. Save the deal.

NOTES: The deal is automatically active for each property unless otherwise specified to pertain to only certain properties. The deal will always be active for everyone who meets the discount or validity specifications, unless a promo code has been entered. Only the customers who enter the promo code will receive the deal. Once the deal is activated and saved, the deal can be 1) applied by a customer to a booking directly from the website by entering the Promo Code and pressing Apply when booking a trip:

and 2) it can also be applied by a property manager when doing a booking on the property grid from the instance:

and then applying the Promo Code: