We are Lightmaker Property Management

We didn’t start as property managers, we’re not doing this to get a visa, and we don’t ever follow others. We do things differently, for a reason.  Want to learn more about becoming a happy homeowner?  Click here…

In 2011 we started building a software solution that could outperform what is currently on the market. After studying the market, we took this agile mentality and decided to become our own client.

We believe the real benefit for owners and guests is an exceptional property management service. We could never provide that even if our SAAS (Software As A Service) application was top notch. We quickly understood that the real business opportunity was to build our own property management business, and effectively become our own largest customer.

So we did it.  A bunch of geeks started managing properties.

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Operating our own software system and running a property management business, we are well versed in the challenges our customers face.  That is why we distilled down our goals into three simple objectives:

Provide an Excellent Guest Experience

Create Transparency for Owner

Attract, Hire and Engage Fabulous Happy Employees

That’s it.

We work on this daily, and it helps us focus our development and allocate our resources appropriately.

We are still and will continue building the most powerful, fully integrated, front and back end system for property management. We just happen to be our own client now.  However, if you’re interested in giving it a spin, drop us a line.

Being our own client means we control all aspects of the vacation stay for our guests.  From the initial booking to the check-out process, the clean, the maintenance etc – a full loop.

In short, every single aspect of the business is controlled in our own application system – and that’s pretty cool.

This is what makes us different – WE THINK DIFFERENTLY – this is what makes us Lightmaker!

Lightmaker started 20 years ago…

We started as a digital agency and we grew.  Lightmaker Agency is an international digital agency with experience developing digital destinations and the strategies that power them.  You can see more here.

After two decades, we have grown up with digital.

With over 100 Lightmakers worldwide, we are considered a small group by global agency standards. But we figured out early on how to assemble small, agile teams of individuals that have vast industry knowledge while still having the ability to be flexible.

These teams treat our clients as partners to identify business challenges and develop solutions that address them.

We like to think of this approach as “big agency reach with small agency flex”.