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Whistler Platinum has been with the LMPM project from the very outset.

In fact Damian Saw, CEO, Whistler Platinum has been LMPM’s resident subject matter expert with regard to LMPM’s development.

“Whistler Platinum was one of our five beta clients and has been instrumental forging LMPM’s ‘flow’.  We initially went live with Damian and LMPM v1.0 in Nov 2016, then we decided to double down on the Trust Accounting system.  We released LMPM v2.0 with Trust Accounting in August of 2019.  LMPM v3.0 contains even more flexibility in the Trust Account system which we are releasing throughout Quarter 3 and 4 2020” said Adrian Barrett, Founder and CEO, LMPM Inc.whistler-platinum-eagles-nest




About Lightmaker Property Manager (LMPM)

LMPM is a cloud-based, mobile-first and pre-scaled enterprise Property Management System (PMS) with flexible Trust Accounting.

LMPM has been in development for more than 8 years and is seen as the fastest replacement for V12, Escapia, YesBookIt (YBI) and other legacy systems.

LMPM is fully connected to all the major Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) – HomeAway/Vrbo, Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia and Google.

LMPM has everything you need “all-in-one-box” and even comes with a full WordPress v5+ website for all your additional SEO and marketing content.  We want at least 50% of your bookings to come directly from your LMPM site or the LMPM Complex Trip Manager!

Lightmaker has over 23 years’ experience running and building digital destinations and applications in the banking, healthcare and entertainment verticals prior to moving into the property management vertical.

Learn more at https://lmpm.com/

Lightmaker contact
Adrian Barrett
Founder and CEO | adrian@lmpm.com
Cell +1-407-232-3577