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NEXT GENERATION property management software

- Enterprise PMS with powerful Trust Accounting

- INCLUDES WordPress v5+ booking and SEO website

- Loads of integrations from our trusted partners

- Vrbo, Airbnb,, Expedia & Google

- Designed as a replacement for V12 & all legacy systems

- Cloud-based mobile-first & pre-scaled

- Fastest & most flexible PMS

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See For Yourself

John Ryall from Exclusive Escapes

Site: This is a completely unscripted one-take conversation with John Ryall from Exclusive Escapes in SW Australia. John and his team manage around 150 properties and...

Pawleys Vacation Rentals

Site: “This is one of the most wonderful emails we’ve ever received, so we thought we’d share it.  Pawleys Vacation Rentals is part of the James W...

LMPM and Wheelhouse

Lightmaker Property Manager (LMPM) is now a proud premier partner with Wheelhouse, see Wheelhouse’s dynamic pricing tools are the most comprehensive in the...

New Board Of Directors

As part of the run-up to the Round Two Raise (our growth round) LMPM now has a new and very experienced Board Of Directors (BOD). For more details on each of the Board...

This Is What I’ve Been Waiting For

Wow – we did a demo with Terry Whyte a few weeks ago and he totally got what we are doing at Lightmaker. His eyes literally lit up throughout the screenshare. At...

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